Tuesday, 22 January 2013

winter - Pore excuse for bad skin

The winter can reek havoc on so many aspects of our lives.
Winter blues means no snooze. The days get darker, making me the more tired.
Driving turns into a continuous question of, 'how well do your brakes work today?'
Walking causes even the most coordinated to look as though they are balancing on the finest of tightropes.
And finally, winter skin. Combination, dry, oily, whatever the case, we all feel some level of discomfort brought on by dropping temperatures. Since this season already makes me sleepy as it is, I couldn't afford to lose more sleep over the issue. Fortunately, an Arbonne rep introduced me to a product that freed me from winter skin woes. FC5 Day Lotion with SPF 20 became my best friend. It protects skin from harmful rays that are still present in the winter, and provides a moisture barrier that soothes the skin despite the winter's drying effects.

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