Wednesday, 10 April 2013

You're dad is a hipster

As the daughter of a tool and dye maker, I'm very familiar with a steel toe boot, as I've witnessed their practicality in providing safety in harsh environments. What I didn't realize at the time was that my father was directly responsible in helping bring to light a new trend.. well maybe not, but when I'm face to face with it, I'm always reminded to my dad and him lugging around his heavy shoes.
Aldo, along with many other shoe retailers are introducing a variation of the steel toe boot, only strip away everything that makes the working boot useful. In reality, the only similarity is the steel embellishment on the shoe. From flats, to heels, and formal boots, the trend is taking over. Silver and gold accents are most popular for the spring trend. This adds a nice pop of metallic against a simple black or white pump. Try it out with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. You'll turn a basic look to a eye catching, eye-pleasing ensemble. Check out Aldo for this trend!

April showers bring April fashions

When does practicality win over beauty in fashion?
Answer: on days like today. Walking to school was a miserable experience. Rain poured down hitting my face causing my mascara to cry, my newly blown out hair resembled that of a drowning cat, and my suede boots..well ruined.
With April presenting many rain days, how can style be incorporated that is still functional and fashion forward?
Upon walking through the building doors my answer made itself known. Walking cheerily beside me were a group of girls wearing rain boots. To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed them. When I hear of rain boots, I think of yellow, obnoxious rubber boots that are far to big around the calves, creating a squeaking noise as you walk.
After looking up some of my trusty fashion magazine I came to the conclusion, rain boots are not only for the young elementary school puddle jumpers.
Elle has provided a list of its most fashion forward rain gear, that is not only functional but beautiful. From rain boots to umbrellas, these rain weather accessories comes in a variety of  beautiful colours and bold patterns.
Check them out here, and see how you can make transitioning into the wet weather easier, while looking great.

Hey Ombré !

For over a year now the ombré trend has made its presence known in all things fashion: hair, beauty, and apparel. With so many fashion editors and celebrities adopting and endorsing the trend, it took no time for the mass public to eat up this dip-dyed movement. Hair is predominantly where we see ombré.
There are various techniques to this look, the standard being a dark shade of colour over the majority of the head, with the ends being lighter in comparison. Unfortunately, not all stylist have mastered this technique. Therefore for the more daring, I suggest you check out this site for achieving the beautiful look.

One of my favourite ombré looks is that on nails. Not only is this a modern take on the technique, but it is also a refreshing look as opposed to the common manicure.

In order to achieve this look, follow the steps below:

  • File and smooth nails
  • Apply a base coat for the polish to adhere to the nail
  • Select a colour, preferably a lighter tone and apply over the entire nail
  • On a piece of paper, pour a few drops of the same polish. Directly beside it, include another colour of your preference. In the photo above, a peach and pink polish were used to create the ombré look
  • Use a toothpick to lightly blend both edges of the polish so that the bleed together
  • Take a standard sponge and dabble it on the paper containing the two polishes
  • Apply the sponge, that should now contain both colours, on to your nail
  • Apply a top coat to smooth out the imperfections the sponge made, as well as to create shine.

Don't be a afraid to get messy! In fact, its a must! As difficult as this technique may seem, the results are worth it. This is a great look for both day and evening.