Wednesday, 10 April 2013

April showers bring April fashions

When does practicality win over beauty in fashion?
Answer: on days like today. Walking to school was a miserable experience. Rain poured down hitting my face causing my mascara to cry, my newly blown out hair resembled that of a drowning cat, and my suede boots..well ruined.
With April presenting many rain days, how can style be incorporated that is still functional and fashion forward?
Upon walking through the building doors my answer made itself known. Walking cheerily beside me were a group of girls wearing rain boots. To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed them. When I hear of rain boots, I think of yellow, obnoxious rubber boots that are far to big around the calves, creating a squeaking noise as you walk.
After looking up some of my trusty fashion magazine I came to the conclusion, rain boots are not only for the young elementary school puddle jumpers.
Elle has provided a list of its most fashion forward rain gear, that is not only functional but beautiful. From rain boots to umbrellas, these rain weather accessories comes in a variety of  beautiful colours and bold patterns.
Check them out here, and see how you can make transitioning into the wet weather easier, while looking great.

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